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Brought to you by producers Ed Zych, Fil Bucchino and Frank Licari, Obsessed with Olive Oil is a documentary that follows a former punk rock musician turned olive oil expert, on his annual quest to Italy in search of exceptional extra virgin olive oils that will change your life and transform your dish.

This film tells a story about passion and going the extra mile to create something exceptional. It's a universal theme that transcends borders and cultures.


"A few years ago, when my friend Fil Bucchino handed me a bottle of properly produced olive oil I realized it was completely different than the stuff on the grocery store shelves. It was not only healthy, but it was also full of flavor and complexity. In fact, it was so complex I wanted to know how it was made, where it came from, and who made it.

This is a lesson that applies to all food - when produced with knowledge, care, and without cutting corners, it can be nutritious, delicious and even tell a story."Ed Zych

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